Welcome. We are here to take back our language. To peel the lies off of our words and return them to truth.

You will find here words that matter, and words that offend. Swear words. If you don’t want to see them or don’t want your children or parents to see them, act accordingly. We are advocates of free speech and ask you to be your own censoring.

Here you will find Essays. They are periodic blog entries. Our Essays are meant, in all editorial seriousness, to have editorial merit as social commentary. They are also meant to be funny. They are funny. But they are provocative and controversial.

You will also find Features. We will post a variety of features, including photography, film and video, graphics and music. They will be entertaining. We aim to entertain. These may be related to the editorial content of our Essays. Or maybe not. They may be provocative, controversial, offensive, irreverent, immature and in bad taste. They may be funny. Probably.

You will find editorial comment here on our Main Page too. We have a civic obligation to express ourselves. Our Manifesto, our statements about who we are and why we are here, are substantial. This material may change infrequently, but we hope it will change as matters of importance change.

We mean to engage. To be uncompromising in our convictions. We mean to contribute to the public discourse. To be demanding and unflinching in our collective expectation of integrity and honesty. We mean to be rigorous and responsible in our use of language. We mean to confront, provoke, implant, fuel, deepen, expose, excavate, (etc.)

We mean to entertain. The unexpected and the surprising often add much to meaning and understanding. Irony, imagery, multiple meanings and metaphor are powerful elements in how we communicate. And they entertain.

We mean to amuse. We are determined to find all this to be quite funny. The matters before us are perturbing, frightening and dismaying. Therefore, we are resolved that our dialogue must be funny, or we would rather not talk about it at all. We actually won’t. (insert Anita’s thing about Hunter.)

Cultural artifacts can engage, entertain and amuse. We offer novelties and merchandise for sale, to fund some of our expenses in our endeavor. You will find links and intriguing paths to these items, and to our Store, throughout our site. These items bear a relationship to our editorial content.

We encourage you to look at our merchandise. It will amuse and entertain in it’s own right. And you will find that the pathways through and among our merchandise lead to amusements that are especially irreverent, provocative, inflammatory, offensive, attractive, sexy, irresistible and hilariously funny.

Our merchandise will amuse. It ‘s funny. That is why we’re here.